High Court Enforcement Services

Phoenix High Court Enforcement was founded based on the needs of clients looking for a fresh alternative in the High Court Enforcement industry.

Our approach to recovering your debt is changing the shape of enforcement and you can be confident in the knowledge that our firm but fair Enforcement Agents working closely with the Contact Centre Team will make every effort to engage with the judgment debtor to secure payment, so much so that until all avenues have been exhausted we will make as many visits as we deem necessary.

With our awarding winning customer service, gold standard for Investors in People and a nationwide team of experienced Enforcement Agents, it has been a natural progression for the group to expand in to High Court enforcement.

To find out more about how Phoenix High Court Enforcement can help you or your clients please call the team on 020 8787 5907, email them at info@phoenixhce.co.uk or visit the website.