Council Tax and Business Rates

Council Tax

Local Authorities across England trust Phoenix to recover their unpaid Council Tax. Using a combination of the best people, structured training and development and the latest technology we make every effort to maximise collection. We understand that unpaid Council Tax hinders the provision of local services, ultimately affecting the most vulnerable in society. Our collection rates are the highest in our industry and we have the lowest level of complaints in this challenging environment.

At Phoenix we manage each case referred to us on an individual basis, treating people fairly and with respect. We are always conscious that people may find themselves in a vulnerable position. When we identify potential vulnerability we make every effort to assist that person and signpost them to sources of free independent advice and assistance.

We have a dedicated Welfare Team who liaise directly with customers, clients and the advice sector to ensure no identified case of vulnerability progresses to enforcement unnecessarily.

Our aim in all cases is for early, non-intrusive engagement with customers to achieve either early settlement of the debt or a reasonable payment arrangement during the compliance stage, without the necessity of a doorstep visit.

Business Rates

With the introduction of local retention it has become even more important that authorities maximise the collection of their business rates, but this has become more difficult in the current challenging economy.

We have a dedicated and specialist business rates team whose primary aim is to engage with the business owner and attempt to collect the debt or enter into a reasonable payment arrangement during the compliance stage, without the need for an enforcement doorstep visit.

Our team carry out company searches in order to establish ability to pay and trading history.

If a case should move to enforcement we have a specialised business rates enforcement team who will visit the premises within 24 hours of the expiry of the compliance period.

Our revised method of operation on business rates under TCE has been so successful, a number of our clients have appointed us as their sole supplier.