Arrest Warrants

Ancillary to our local authority collection and enforcement service we have extensive experience in the execution of Arrest Warrants.

We provide a discreet and professional service, tailored to each client's requirements.

Our Arrest Warrant Officers specialise in this area. They are trained by former police officers, and are equipped with the latest technology, including Body Worn Video, iPad case updating in real time. Officers and their vehicles are tracked by GPS at all times.

They carry out several visits at different times of the day from 6am to 9pm and at weekends to maximise the possibility of making contact with the debtor.

All paperwork completed by our officers is available to view immediately online through ClientWeb. Officers provide expert witness statements where required and are available to attend court as a witness if necessary.

We carry out a risk assessment on each warrant received to identify any potential risks in executing the warrant.

  • Arrest Warrants with Bail - we visit the debtor and request full payment of the amount outstanding. If full payment is not received, or a part payment supported by an acceptable arrangement, our Warrant Officer bails the debtor to the next convenient court date. We also advise the debtor of the consequences of non-attendance.
  • Arrest Warrants with No Bail - we visit the debtor and request full payment of the amount outstanding. If not received, our Warrant Officers arrest the debtor and bring them before the relevant court at a time previously agreed with our client.
  • Committal Warrants – • We arrest and transport the debtor to Court. We then provide onward transportation to the relevant prison if necessary. All transport is in appropriate vehicles which are fit for purpose and meet all health and safety requirements.