New webinar with Policy in Practice

Practical Ways to Help Vulnerable Households Deal With Debt

Wednesday 23 May at 10:30am.

Recent analysis estimates that the average income loss faced by low income households, on top of existing pressures, will be over £40 per week by 2020. More households are now can’t pay’s rather than won’t pay’s.

Using Policy in Practice’s Benefit and Budgeting Calculator, Phoenix aims to help people understand their financial position and find ways to increase income and lower expenditure, before taking undue enforcement action.

Join this webinar to learn how Phoenix has achieved:

•    12% improvement in early engagement rates
•    37% reduction in payment instalment defaults
•    14% increase in early stage payment arrangements 
•    17% improvement in answer rates to initial outbound calls 
•    48% decrease in complaints relating to payment term flexibility and charges

Carole Kenney, Phoenix's Customer Care Director, will share how we improve collection processes and reduce costs for clients, and how we intervene early to help those struggling with payments to prevent further charges. 

Register for the webinar now.


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