Phoenix appointed to two national procurement frameworks

Setting up a formal procurement exercise for a new enforcement agent contract can be time consuming and resource heavy.

To help simplify the process two national procurement frameworks have recently been re-awarded through formal tenders.



Following a formal tender exercise, RMBC awarded a 4 year framework agreement covering all types of Local Authority debt collection, e.g. Council Tax, NNDR, Road Traffic, Sundry Debt etc.

The framework may be accessed by any local authority or public body. Benefits include:

  • Reduced timescales – no full OJEU procurement needed, as this has already been been undertaken by RMBC
  • Ease of Use – The framework is simple to use, with added procurement advice from RMBC if required
  • Assured Supplier Standards – Providers appointed onto this framework are ‘pre-qualified’ as to their suitability
  • Pre-defined terms & conditions – Terms and conditions of contract have been signed and accepted by framework suppliers


This Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS - similar to a framework) provides a full range of enforcement agent services, including the collection of outstanding debts resulting from unpaid Council Tax and Non-Domestic Rates and Road Traffic Offences.

Benefits of using the DPS to public bodies include access to prequalified Service Providers who have met the criteria covering acceptability, economic & financial standing, and capacity & capability (saving the need for a PQQ exercise) and a suite of further competition or tender document templates.

While the review of submissions, specification, evaluation criteria and decision making remains with you, YPO will manage the administration, including clarifications, notices and contract award.


The frameworks allow any Authority to access a number of pre-evaluated and approved suppliers via a "mini-competition" tailored to your own requirements. This significantly reduces costs, administration and resource overheads.

If you would like to find out more about how you can take advantage of these frameworks, feel free to contact Andy Cummins, Phoenix's Business Development and Client Director, at or call 07841 995 732.

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