The Company

Established in 1999, Phoenix has grown to be recognised as the leading provider of nationwide ethical enforcement services.

We strive to achieve industry leading recovery for our clients and to become the recovery partner of choice for Local Authorities, Government departments, businesses and private individuals who need an effective enforcement partner.

We deliver a professional and proportionate recovery solution for public sector debt types including unpaid Council Tax & Business Rates, Parking and Road Traffic Penalty Charge Notices and Commercial Rent arrears.

Our fast-growing public and private sector client base is based on our reputation for consistently exceeding our clients’ quality and performance targets.

In delivering these services:
  • we have a clear understanding of our client's key business drivers and their service expectations.
  • we take our duty of care to our customers very seriously and we understand the importance of protecting our clients' image and reputation at all times.
  • we acknowledge that we have a duty to conduct our business in a fair and humane manner and that our processes and charges must be clear, consistent and correct.
  • we provide a truly transparent and accessible service to all key stakeholders and service users.